Office Manager Jason Geall is this months interviewee

Jason, thanks for your time. So, let’s start simple – what does an
average work day for the office manager look like?

Busy. Lots of organising which suits me down to the ground as it’s been said that I can be a tad OCD’ish.

How did you get started in the courier game?

I worked in the B&Q warehouse and our courier for customer deliveries was Russell, I worked with him for about 5 years until he asked me to join the team at RS Couriers (can’t believe it took him that long to realise my potential!?) so I started with him in 2001 and have been here ever since.

Do you still enjoy the job after all these years?

I do, don’t get me wrong it can be tough but the variety of work, customers, destinations and freight keeps it interesting.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your work?

The way the team functions, Russell and myself’s partnership has always worked because I excel at things he may not be quite as good at and vice versa so between us we have everything covered.

Also the industry has changed massively over the years with the introduction of technology, its literally chalk and cheese from the job I stared all those years ago and so far we’re rolled with all the punches, that makes me feel great.

What do you do when away from Door to Door?

I have two young children so not masses of down time, I can OCCASIONALLY be found in front of the TV if Liverpool are playing football or England are playing rugby…..hope the wife doesn’t see this!