Meet the Boss

We went straight to the top this month to interview MD of Door to Door Russell Skinner.

Hi Russ, thanks for your time. So, let’s start simple – what does an
average work day for you look like?

I’m generally based in the office but if the need arises I will happily jump in a van and churn out some deliveries (it gets me away from the phones which is always nice)

How did you get started in the courier game?
I came out of the navy more than 25 years ago and started as a taxi driver around Bognor, I found more and more that people were asking me to taxi boxes and documents as opposed to people, so the idea grew from that (the conversations with parcels can be a bit one sided but they’re never sick in the back of the van at 2am!)

Do you still enjoy the job after all these years?
I really do, I love our customers who show us great loyalty and I love coming into work not knowing what the next phone call will turn up.

Any jobs that spring to mind?
The day I was asked to courier a safe from a local shop, at the time it didn’t sound too unusual for us, but it turned out to be the result of a major burglary and I was unwittingly used as the getaway driver.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your work?
I love a logistical challenge, I thrive on sorting out issues that our customers thought might be impossible. With our experience and nationwide coverage, we can now do things that up until recently just couldn’t be done.

What do you do when away from Door to Door?
Walking the dog, cooking, watching almost any sport on TV & trying not to think about work, all of this + preparing for my first tough mudder (eventually)!!??